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Dahn in June 2022

'Mazel tov for the next life'
- A report about the synagogue in Dahn –

Published on June 11, 2022 in DER RHEINPFALZ 2022
By Klaus Kadel-Magin
Translated by Prof. Dr. Janet Wolff, Manchester (GB)

If you want to know something about Jewish history in the Southwest Palatinate, you should first ask Otmar Weber. The former high school teacher has been researching this topic for decades. The 83-year-old has collected eyewitness accounts and archive material that was thought to have been lost and made it public. Weber found fellow campaigners in various working groups.
But he is the one who knows everything there is to know at the moment. The trigger for this also grueling work was a project on the Reich Pogrom Night in Dahn in 1988. Weber wanted to inspect the relevant files in the Dahn city archives, which the city leadership at the time refused to allow him to do. He was only allowed into the archive when the so-called Jewish files had disappeared. His commitment was honored last year with the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon. (Kka)

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